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Phoenix GT PreAP-IB

Page history last edited by Brock Rustin 11 years, 10 months ago


Phoenix GT Pre-AP/IB


- from The Aberdeen Bestiary




Syllabus 11-12.docx


Book List 2011.docx


Assignment Due Date Assignment Description  Grade Weight 

Friday, May 25th - 8th

Wednesday, May 30th - 6th 

Spring Semester Examination  Final Exam 


Of Mice and Men imagery-symbolism-theme.docx

Of Mice and Men - Kohlberg.doc

Kohlberg and Gilligan by Hinman.ppt

Kohlberg's Moral Reasoning handout.doc


R&J Study Log.docx





 Anthem Summer Reading Assignment 2012 in 2003 format.doc

Phoenix spring semester review guide.doc


Be sure to peruse and enjoy two of this year's

electronic Hero's Journey assignments:


Hero’s Journey—Rivers and Roads Presentation.pptx









Check out "Mr. Rustin" in action:






Mariam is neutral. 



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